Starspeed Training

Starspeed provides advanced training for qualified pilots including Instrument, Instructor and Type Ratings. 

Our instructors all hold the highest grades of professional licence. They have many years of both civilian and military flying and extensive experience of flying in adverse weather conditions and challenging environments.

Training is available at Kemble Aerodrome in Gloucestershire, and Fairoaks Airport in Surrey in the UK. The Kemble facility includes an Elite AS 355 SMPT II twin engine device with dynamic control loading, trim and autopilot functions.

Starspeed can offer: Type Ratings, TRI and TRI (add type) for the S-76, EC 135,145, 155, 429 and AS 355, differences courses, MCC, PBN, Elevated Helipad Training & Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT).

Please click on the menu to the right for the course that you are interested, or contact the office directly on +44 1285 611000.

Directions to Kemble