“As a pilot you cannot buy experience; as our customer, you can”
David Voy, former owner and Chairman


John Paul II becomes Pope; the first test tube baby is born; the cellular mobile phone system is introduced;
Starspeed Ltd is registered as a helicopter company. 

 During the ensuing 40 years, there have been many new developments in helicopter technology and capability, but some things have remained constant. From the start, the founders of Starspeed sought to establish the best processes and systems for delivering unequalled customer service, and many of those same principles guide us today; they are part of our culture, our way of doing business. Key amongst these are that safety is paramount, the client’s best interest is our best interest, good attitudes make all the difference, and that your best investment is our experience.

Since 1978, Starspeed has operated in more than 65 countries. We have flown and managed over 22 different types and models of helicopter, from 5 different manufacturers, on 5 different aircraft registers. We have operated in the Alps, off super yachts, in the Greek Islands and in the Caribbean. We have flown presidents, princes, and a pope. We have worked for film studios and music groups.  We have made impossible golf tours easy; we have made challenging business trips relaxing.  We have made special days unique, and we have brought smiles and happiness to many travellers.

We believe in helicopters.
We believe that, in the right hands, they can make a good experience an unforgettable experience.


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