Helicopter Management

Helicopters make possible the impossible. They create and release value from situations which would otherwise be too challenging to consider. They add convenience and simplicity. They add safety to many situations, particularly those with special security requirements. Supporting a yacht, a property or estate, a business activity, another transportation asset or a leisure activity; for all these organisations, family offices and individual clients consider helicopter ownership worthwhile and justifiable.

Our job is to convert those objectives into deliverable values and a reliable service.  This is a complex task combining regulatory compliance, specialist knowledge of legal and insurance matters, and management of risk, finance, supplier and people. Maximising the utility, while minimising the liability, of the asset is our speciality. We have in our team some of the industry’s best pilots, most experienced and knowledgeable aircraft managers, and most capable engineering specialists to ensure that we continue to be the leading helicopter management company in the UK and Europe.