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Epsom Winner!

08/06/2015 18:32:00

For the pilots at least, the winner on Epsom Derby Day was the new AW-169.

Making its first official VIP appearance in the UK, the AW-169 certainly turned some heads at Epsom Racecourse this weekend.

Pictured here with a group of Starspeed Pilots, past and present, who all attended Epsom Racecourse on Saturday, but were far more interested in taking a look at the Agusta Westland “game changing” 4th generation helicopter. 

AW-169 Epsom Winner

The Agusta Westland helicopter has been described the most important new aircraft to come to the market in the last 20-30 years.

The use of composite structures and production techniques have brought down the initial purchase costs; the upgraded safety and reliability of major components have extended the time between overhaul and replacement and the Maintenance Steering Group 3 design philosophy has significantly reduced the overall maintenance burden, making this one of the most cost effective helicopters on the market.

Starspeed believes the AW-169 will drive significant change in the sector opening up new opportunities for helicopter ownership and operation. We are looking forward to taking delivery of our first AW-169 next year. 

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