TYPE RATING EXAMINER TRE B(4) (UK CAA licence holders only)


Starspeed Training is one of the first UK helicopter ATOs approved to provide the TRE b(4) course, enabling Type Rating Examiners to extend their privileges to include FCL.1005.TRE b(4) privileges for the Initial and Recurrent Assessment of Competency of Type Rating Instructors (TRI).
This generic course is approved for UK TREs only and covers all helicopter types. Candidates must be current TREs with the approval to teach on TRI courses (FCL.TRI.905(2)), and have completed 3 years as an Examiner.
The course runs for 2 days (for 1 candidate) or 3 days (for 2 candidates) and consists of a day's ground school plus 2 mock TRI AOCs completed in our FNPTII.

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