CAP 804 Section 'O' states:

“A QMP who meets the experience requirements may bypass the issue of a CPL(H) and be issued with an ATPL(H), as long as he/she has passed the Single Pilot IR(H) skills test with appropriate type rating and has then passed an ATPL(H) skills test in an aircraft that is either a Multi Pilot type or an aircraft that is operated in the Multi Crew Role”.

In order to undertake the ATPL training and test, a pilot must have the following:

  • 1,000 hours of helicopter flying, including 250 hours P1
  • 350 hours multi-pilot flight
  • ATPL exams
  • Acceptable military types on licence: Apache, Bell 212, Chinook, Griffin, Lynx Mk 7/9A, Merlin Mk 3/3A, Puma (SA330), Sea King Mk 3/3A/4/5/6

Starspeed can offer the training and ATPL(H) on the AW109 and EC135. This would normally be as part of the training for the IR(H) and type rating, but can be obtained separately. This can be a very cost-effective way of obtaining an ATPL(H) when the CPL(H) is not required.

Assuming a type rating is already held, the course normally consists of 1 day's ground school and 2 hours in the aircraft followed by the test.

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