Starspeed offers a variety of training courses for military pilots preparing their civilian licences. They include type ratings, instrument ratings and instructor ratings as well as the CPL(H) skills test and ATPL(H) training and skills test. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about entering civilian aviation and the conversion process but have outlined some basic facts below:

To fly in the civilian world you will need to convert your military IR to a civilian IR within 3 years of passing your exams. You will also need a type rating for a civilian aircraft. A military IR will exempt you from the full course, but your exemption will depend on what you hold.

An ATPL is required for command of a multi—pilot helicopter offshore. A CPL is required, as a minimum, to be commander of a single-pilot helicopter. We encourage pilots to check the requirements for both qualifications and contact us if they have any queries, as ATPL can often be more cost-effective and beneficial.

Important note: Your CPL exams do not qualify you for the instrument rating. Your ATPL exams will not run out as long as you hold a type rating as they are valid for 7 years from the expiry date of a type rating. You must take an instrument rating within 36 months of your ATPL exams or you will need to sit them again.

For the CPL, ATPL or IR course you will need to fill in CAA form SRG2133. Section 7 should be completed by a Commanding Officer or Flight Commander, although the Starspeed Head of Training can complete this if required.

If you choose to come to Starspeed for your training, you will be given access to all the Starspeed training material via a Dropbox link prior to your arrival for pre-course study. During attendance of the course, students are provided with an iPad for their personal use with all the study material pre-loaded. The simulator is available for solo flights at no additional charge and remains so once your course is completed.


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