MCC Course

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The newest addition to Starspeed's training catalogue is the helicopter Multi Crew Cooperation course which is undertaken at the Kemble base in Gloucestershire.

The comprehensive eight-day course covers all elements of the Part FCL MCC course and teaches students to operate as an effective multi-pilot crew. Human Factors TKI, briefing, flying and debriefing relating to multi-crew operations are included in the syllabus. Students fly in both normal and abnormal situations, learning how to deal with emergencies inside and outside the cockpit.

The course is required for all pilots who intend to complete their first multi pilot type rating and ex military pilots who have not operated multi crew in the one of the armed forces and intend to obtain either an ATPL or a multi pilot type rating.

The course consists of 25 hours' ground school, 10 hours PM and 10 hours PF, all undertaken in the FNPT.

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