ICAO IR(H) – Part FCL IR(H) Conversion

Important note: Your FAA or ICAO IR must be current and valid to allow credit from the full 50 hr course. Please contact the office if you need help regarding this.

This course comprises an extensive ground school package, followed by a minimum of 10 hours synthetic flight training in the FNPT and a minimum of 5 hours flight training in a multi engine IFR helicopter.

The customer can request the type of helicopter used for the aircraft flying phase.

If your ICAO IR is held on a single-engine helicopter, you may also have to undertake an upgrade from a single-engine to multi-engine aircraft as part of the course (comprising 3 hours in the FNPT and 2 hours in the aircraft).

The course is undertaken over a 3-4 week period, including a separate type rating if required. PBN training and testing is included in this course at no additional cost.

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