The Instrument Rating IR(H) is one of the most demanding courses in the civilian world. This rating for helicopters is now required for all commercial offshore operations and, increasingly, onshore helicopter activities in Europe. The course has been specifically set up with the AS 355 FNPT II at Kemble.

If you choose to come to Starspeed for your training, you will be given access to all the Starspeed training material via a Dropbox link prior to your arrival for pre-course study. During attendance of the course students are provided with an iPad for their personal use with all study material pre-loaded.

The simulator is available for free solo flying for all students, and remains so once a course is completed.

Choose the course that is appropriate to your training requirements from the list below, or contact the office for more information.

50 Hour EASA Instrument Rating
15 hr FAA/ICAO IR Conversion
Fixed Wing to Rotary IR

The Instrument Rating ground school covers the following topics:

  • Flight Planning including weather, NOTAMs, performance, fuel planning and altimetry
  • ADF/NDB/VOR theory and procedures
  • Basic instrument flying
  • Wind/drift and timing calculations
  • Tracking
  • Hold patterns and joins
  • Precision & non-precision approaches
  • IFR R/T procedures, ATC procedures and airspace classification
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