Flight Simulation

The synthetic training device is an Elite S623T FNPT II simulator based on the AS355 Twin Squirrel, hholding CAA approvals issued in accordance with JAR-FSTD (H). 

The simulator has dynamic control loading which includes a trim sysytem with fully coupled autopilot functions, loading on the yaw pedals to simulate loss of hydraulic pressure, EFIS, intergrated Garmin 430 and weather modelling which includes rain, ice and snow.

Three Oil rigs in Morecombe bay and ships for deck landings have been modelled for added realism during training.

The simulator is for 40 hours out of the 50 hours required on a full EASA 50 hour IR(H) course and 10 hours out of the 15 hours required on the FAA/ICAO to EASA IR(H) or QMP (non-procedural) IR(H) conversion course.

For the IRI(H) a maximum of 80% of the course flight requirements can be on the simulator.

The simulator is also approved for MCC training and the complete PBN course.

Non-approved training is also available for refresher, instrument currency or Line Orientated Flight Training (LOFT). LOFT Courses can be designed to meet customer requirements.