Safety and Risk Management

Starspeed has a mature safety and risk management system. The company has passed a Phase II SMS audit by the CAA, and operates to the following Safety Policy:

Starspeed Ltd has a mission to safeguard the security and value of all assets entrusted to its care. Principal of these is always the lives and well-being of people who are either directly OR indirectly connected with the conduct of company operations.

Starspeed management recognise that ‘well-being’ is a concept that extends beyond just physical harm, and that maintaining an excellent perception of safety is a critical element of the company safety policy, and thereby an essential core competence for the business. Perception of safety is not just about the outcome of operations, but also about the levels of care and the safety inputs in conducting operations.

Starspeed management also recognise that although an excellent safety record (perceived and actual) is not a guarantee of business success, its absence is a guarantee of failure. Aviation management is a trust business, where trust is built on competence, knowledge, openness and transparency, integrity and values.