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World First Starspeed Formation Introduces the Year in the HeliOps Calendar 2018

10/01/2018 15:12:00

Starspeed is proud to have been chosen as the leading January photo for the HeliOps Calendar 2018.

It shows a “World First” formation of five different civilian VIP aircraft, and of course, a sixth camera helicopter (AS350)!

So, if you were in the Surrey countryside in August; you may have been surprised by the sight.

How do you get five completely different helicopters in tight formation?  The answer is with a lot of skill, care and preparation.   The challenges are significant when you have five aircraft of the same type, but five different aircraft plus a sixth camera ship (AS350); ranging from the magnificent 12,000 Kgs Sikorsky S92, alongside the exciting new Leonardo AW169 out to the nimble and adaptable Bell 429, with the mainstays of the VIP helicopter fleet, the EC155 and AS365N3 from the Airbus family of Dauphin helicopters in the middle  - surely it is impossible?  Not if you have the combined experience of over 175 years helicopter experience between the Captains, three hours team briefing and preparation before take off, and the expert services of HeliOps to capture the image. 

World First Starspeed Formation Introduces the Year in the HeliOps Calendar 2018

The secret to success is experience and preparation; the result is a unique photograph that is a snapshot of helicopter technology in 2017 and that was captured in the first attempt, and in 20 minutes from take-off.  This is a great testament to the capabilities and skills that are in the VVIP helicopter market, and in the team that is Starspeed.  We are delighted and honoured to be the introduction to the exciting new year of 2018, full of opportunity for the helicopter world.

Please go to the HeliOps website to obtain your copy of their great calendar - Click Here: HeliOps Shop.

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