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Vote of Confidence in Cotswold Economy

17/09/2015 14:04:00

Starspeed, Europe’s largest helicopter management and VIP charter company, is expanding its charter operations to Cotswold Airport in Gloucestershire.

 New Charter Operations At Cotswold Airport

The company has chosen Kemble as its base for an Airbus H135 (EC135) helicopter: A twin-engined, light-medium aircraft that is ideal for business and VIP charters due to it’s quiet noise footprint. The helicopter is configured to take five passengers.

This is the first helicopter that Starspeed has made available for charter at Cotswold Airport and it is likely to be followed by two others over coming months. It marks a confidence in the economy of the area and demonstrates an increasing demand for business and VIP travel from locations in the West of England.  

“We are seeing a strong market for both business and VIP flights here,” says Starspeed Director, Simon Mitchell.

“By having an aircraft available from Gloucestershire we can provide a faster and more cost effective service because we don’t have to reposition from heliports in London: Anyone based West of Swindon, including Wales and the Midlands has previously had to pay for flying time to bring the helicopter to their location, to collect them – be it a nearby heliport or a private venue. Now, those costs have been minimised and we can provide businessmen and women with a faster and more efficient service to financial centres throughout Europe, or private charters to sporting and cultural venues at better value.”

Over the past five years, Starspeed has seen a steady growth in its charter business. It has a total of 18 aircraft available for business and VIP flights from its charter bases in Surrey and now, Gloucestershire with this latest H135.

“We’re confident that business will continue to be strong in this region and look forward to the possibility of further investments here over time. Providing helicopter services is a reflection of our confidence in the economic outlook and the growing demand that we’ve experienced over recent years for charters in the Cotswold area and West of England,” says Simon Mitchell. 

Starspeed already provides advanced pilot training from Cotswold Airport, specialising in instructor, instrument and Type Ratings. It’s facility includes the first Elite AS 355 SMPT II twin-engine device with dynamic control loading, trim and autopilot functions as well as, full EFIS SFIM autopilot, Garmin 430.

To charter our H135, please contact: +44 (0) 1276 859100 or click the link for more information on our charter services.

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