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Starspeed Completes the Royal Flush - Getting Ready for the Arrival of a Brand New AW139

23/03/2018 12:08:00

Starspeed is delighted and honoured to have been given the opportunity to manage a brand new Leonardo AW139, to add to its already extensive charter fleet.  The addition of this exciting new helicopter, with a cabin so large it is effectively a boardroom in the sky, will complete the helicopter version of a Royal Flush for Starspeed.

Starspeed is already the only VIP helicopter operator able to offer so many different types of aircraft, but with the AW139 it will now have the ability to offer a helicopter for every class and weight in the twin engine category.  No other operator has the same capability.

There is the versatile Bell 429, an ideal runabout for airport transfers; there is the powerful and capable Leonardo AW169, ideal for accessing small, off airfield landing sites very close to your desired location; there is the fast and smooth Airbus Helicopters EC155, particularly suited for longer distances; and there is the unique and special Sikorsky S92, that can just lift more and carry it further than any other corporate helicopter, and provide similar space and comfort to a mid-size corporate jet (including a toilet).   And now we have this amazing addition of the AW139, in-between the EC155 and the S92. 

The Leonardo AW139 comes with all the latest safety technologies, and also the speed and range of other intermediate twins but with much more space – and hence it is most appropriate to refer to it as a flying boardroom.  It has the capability to move 8 senior executives in supreme comfort, so that they can use their travel time more productively; it can also carry more luggage, and it has the necessary power reserves to land in built up areas where other helicopters are often not permitted to operate.

Starspeed expects this new addition to arrive in May, so look out for further announcements and the opportunity to book this aircraft for charter.

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